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About Us
Tony Gelder - Owner
Billy Wilkinson - Transport manager
Yvette Reay - Office manager
Shaun Scott - Bakery manager

We have a fleet of 8 vans which deliver our products to the North East. We also deliver to Asda, Tesco, Co op, Nisa and Heron frozen foods.

Gelders Bakery provides a top quality delivery and after market service to all of our customers. We have a personal rapport with each one of our customers no matter how large or small. All our customers are treated with the utmost respect and consideration. Most importantly we believe that the customers are the most important people to us and without them we would not have gained the success we have accomplished in the bakery trade.

We are renowned for the freshness of our products, which are delivered daily to more than 400 retail outlets in the North East of England. Traditionally the pies and savoury products have been supplied straight from the oven. However, a few years ago we recognized that some of our customers wanted pre-packaged chilled products. Consequently we have invested in packaging machinery and refrigerated vans to ensure we meet this demand.

Delivery of our products is free direct to your premises in our fleet of vans. Need to promote or want new ideas? Contact Tony Gelder who will help you promote our products in your shop.

In the unlikely event of a problem just phone us and we will sort it out personally and efficiently.

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