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Gelders Bakery
Gelders Bakery is housed in a 5000sq-foot factory unit at 14a Riverside Road in the Southwick area of Sunderland.

The bakery conforms to all the new EEC Health & Hygiene laws and our European Accreditation Number is SQ029. In 1999 we were also accredited with the prestigious Premier Staus Award by STS. Attaining this award means we are contracted suppliers to NHS Supplies including deliveries to Asda, Tesco, Co op, Nisa and Heron Frozen foods. Qualification for this award shows Gelders Bakery has achieved the highest standards of food safety. The production area is thoroughly cleaned every day by our team of cleaners who start their work once the production staff have finished. Their job is to deep clean the bakery every day. Ensuring a fresh bakery for the staff on night shift to start work.

Our large new packing area is temperature controlled so it does not exceed 8 degrees centigrade. This is to ensure the freshness of our products.

All in all a far cry from our humble beginnings in the back of a butchers shop in 1958!

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